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With more than 150 people working across tWo Countries, the REPROTRONICS team is global, diverse and passionate about taking on the MARKET's toughest challenges. WE Offer unparalleled opportunities in the industry to help you build a valuable and rewarding career.
Thomsun Group

Thomsun Group - Diversification with a clear focus on niche markets is the key to prudent entrepreneurship. Reprotronics is a case in point and is backed by the multi-faceted UAE based Thomsun Group.

Steered by visionary professionals and powered by the intelligent use of technology, the Thomsun Group currently has a 2,500 strong workforce and a host of entrepreneurial milestones in diversified sectors, including Reprotronics.

Built on strong fundamentals, Thomsun Group is a recognized market leader in its fields of operations today. It has achieved this through its focused approach, strong market intelligence, attention to detail, sound deployment of modern technology and a constant commitment to quality. Moreover, driven by the motto to excel, the Thomsun Group's success story is an inspiring journey full of milestones.

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