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Digital Asset Management
Digital Asset Management solution allows you to catalog, archive, and search convert and deliver many different kind of assets/digital content types to your desktop. It manages digital content formatted with a wide variety of digital formats; Text and Layout Documents, Images, Illustrations etc.
Digital Asset Management

More than an area of expertise, Digital Asset Management (DAM) is also a forward thinking investment by Reprotronics keeping future requirements of its clients in mind. Significantly, Reprotronics is possibly the first to introduce DAM in the Middle East.

DAM strong functionalities include:
• 'Drag & Drop' file submission
• Easy to organize projects
• Event notification
• File sharing and workgroup support
• Online Soft proofing and approval of high resolution print-ready files
• Approve while you travel
• File conversion and download

You can access PDF versions of your document's design or color proofs using a standard Internet browser and connection. All PDF document annotations and approvals are performed online with apporval of print-ready pages / documents featuring high resolution data from a standard web browser without any installed applications.

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